What is R2SXSW (Road to South By SouthWest)?

R2SXSW is a regional field trip for those involved with the independent music industry in the Northern California Region. The trip consist of transportation, room and board and registration for specific events at South by Southwest (SXSW).

How much does it cost?

Prices range from $299.00 - $399.00 depending on when you purchase your pass.

What type of events will I be registered for?

You will be registered for as many of the FREE events as we can find. This includes live performances, showcases and mixers. Most of these events will be on the unofficial list. If you are interested in getting a badge for all official SXSW events please visit the SXSW website at www.sxsw.com. Be aware badges start at $900.00

How can I perform at SXSW?

Getting booked for a showcase at SXSW can be easy or difficult depending on your contacts. Check with any independent labels, magazines, radio stations or other contacts you may in the industry. WE DO NOT BOOK PERFORMANCES!

What are the benefits to going to SXSW?

SXSW is the largest music conference in the world. Industry folks on all kinds from around the world will be in attendance. Although you may not attend any of the official events, the unofficial events have just as many contacts for you to make. This event is great for those wanting to expand their network across the country and the world. Be sure to bring promotional materials to hand out and exchange with others.

How do I register to go?

Go to www.indiethingspossible.com/R2SXSW and click the register button. You will need to fill out an application and agree to several terms and conditions. Once you register you will be emailed a link to pay. After payment is received you will receive your official packet. YOU MUST ATTEND ONE OF THE ORIENTATION EVENTS. In order to ensure all information is clear we are requiring that you attend the orientation where you will get all of information, be able to ask questions and meet the other folks going on the trip.

How will we get there and where are we staying?

We will driving a 15 passenger vans. Each van will hold up to 12 passengers (leaving some room for personal space). We will be staying at Hotel a few miles from downtown Austin and rooms will be shared (2 people per room) with each person having a bed.

Where are we leaving from?

Sacramento, CA. Once you register you will get emailed a packet with the official itinerary which includes all times and locations.

What are the dates of the trip?

We leave Sacramento, CA the morning of 3/18/15 and will arrive in Austin, TX midday 3/19/15. We will stay in Austin until the morning of 3/22/15 and will get back to Sacramento midday 3/23/15. (Hotel stay includes the evenings of 3/19 – 3/21)

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